Special Fork Buffet

£19.95 a head (excluding VAT at 20%)

Impress your guests with this stylish and carefully presented buffet.

Contemporary tableware and linen are available for hire if required.

Platter of assorted meats to include English roast ham,
peppered beef and roast turkey, together with a selection of continental deli meats

Sliced chicken breast Tikka style on a bed of fresh pineapple rice salad with mild curry mayonnaise

Grimsby smoked fish and seafood platter

Warm Quiche


(please choose 3)
Waldorf salad
Mediterranean Pasta salad
Tuscan bean salad
Home-made creamy coleslaw
Green salad with honey/mustard dressing
Broccoli, red onion and raisin salad
White cabbage, red onion and fresh orange

Caramelised baby potatoes (served warm)

Labelled cheeseboard featuring our own British cheeses with crackers, fruits and nuts

Dessert Choices:

Fruit cheesecake
Chocolate fudge cake
Raspberry créme brúlée
Continental apple tart

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